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  • matrimonialDo You Think or know Your Partner Is Cheating?

    To prove it and stop these thoughts, contact the experts at finding out the truth using professional and discreet methods.

    We are the company to call. We have over 14 years experience in finding the truth.

    “Be strong. Pick up the phone and call now, and let us take that pain away. Stop the sleepless nights”.

    We use state of the art technology to quickly, efficiently and discreetly investigate your partner or spouse. Whether they are cheating on you or not put your mind at rest. Contact us discreetly and in confidence and get back in control of your life.

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  • SurveillanceUsing a variety of techniques (including covert video recordings and photographs) surveillance operations are undertaken for many assignments.
    It is also a great way to find out where your partner or spouse has been and gather photographic evidence of who they are seeing!!! We can carry out surveillance on your partner or whoever, where ever and whenever you so wish. Our surveillance teams are highly trained and available 24 hours a day. We will be there for you and deploy a team to suit your requirements.

    Our, teams usually consist of 2 to 3 people that discreetly follow a person’s every movement, whether by foot, car etc. We offer high quality surveillance services using expert agents that have police or intelligence services background.

    They use state of the art covert camera and recording devices to gather recordings of conversation and photographic proof of who your partner or spouse is meeting. We will collate all of this information and report it to you in the format of your choice. So why wait any longer, find out the truth now!

    Put your mind as rest and allow yourself to move forward in your life. Stop the sleepless nights and put your mind at rest. Contact us discreetly and in confidence and get back in control of your life.

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  • Vehicle trackingUsing a covert GPS device to track the movements of a vehicle is a cost effective method of surveillance, especially over longer periods.

    GPS tracking provides accurate real time location monitoring directly to a computer or smart phone, and can be deployed in any size vehicle.

    GPS tracking devices which are magnetically deployed under the car will monitor and record all the addresses, dates, times and the duration that the car was in those areas. You will also be able to login to a computer and monitor the movements, live, of the car.

    You don’t need to have much knowledge of computers to be able to do this. Once the tracker has recorded enough information, we will provide you with all the data of the tracker.

    We feel that armed with the solid evidence of a cheating partner, your marriage/relationship, may well be revived by this confrontation showing them that you have firm proof. Should your case ever go to court, this evidence may well give you an advantage.

    We believe that using GPS tracking devices, it will give you peace of mind if you have any doubts as to whether or not your partner is cheating. Please call to speak to one of our private investigators in our office today for more information.

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  • PC-Email MonitoringOur PC forensic Monitoring can be installed fully remotely.

    We will capture every single activity on your computer. You will know your PC activity over email, face book or MSN, what sites are visited, all messages, and remember your passwords. In short you will be able to see absolutely everything done on your PC.

    We will take care of everything for you. We will give you full telephone support, so why wait any longer, find out the truth now!

    Our monitoring packages can capture:

    • Chats and Instant Messages
    • Web Sites Visited
    • Online Searches
    • Email Activity
    • MySpace + Face book Activity
    • Files Transferred
    • Document Tracking
    • Keywords Detected
    • User Activity
    • Keystrokes Typed
    • Program Activity


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  • Nanny MonitoringWhether you are a single parent or in a relationship where both partners work, one of your biggest headaches is children and more specifically the person that is looking after them in your absence. You have trusted the welfare of your babies to a nanny, child minder or au pair, but do you know what they are doing? Do you have questions like:

    • Are my babies being cared for properly?
    • Is the Nanny, child minder or au pair following my instructions?
    • Is the Nanny, child minder or au pair being mean to my babies behind my back?


    You hired help to look after the children to free your time up to do other things like work, but how do you KNOW they are doing what you ask? Not knowing is a great worry. Remember whatever bad things happen to your babies as children can affect them in a negative way for all their lives. They are vulnerable and need your protection.

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  • Listening DeviceOur Listening Devices will allow you to listen in on your partners conversations. You can choose to listen to these conversations “live” or recorded if you prefer.

    We will monitor and record all the conversations that occur in range of the device and report the information to you in a format of your choice.

    Our Listening Devices are state of the art that has high power, great quality microphones.

    Our devices can be placed wherever you wish, in a car, office, boat, house etc wherever you have your suspicions or believe your partner is cheating. Our covert listening devices are fitted in seconds. We will take care of everything for you, so why wait any longer. Find out the truth now!

    Stop the sleepless nights and put your mind at rest. Contact us discreetly and in confidence and get back in control of your life.

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  • Close Protection Body Guards“VIP Specialist Security for situations and moments of crisis or the nature of your life style and business activities, that make that person require protection as a necessity, not just a need”.

    Recent global events and the world wide economy downturn have caused an ever increasing threat from terrorists, anarchists, criminal gangs and on occasions from the general public.  The need for close protection is paramount, especially when dealing with such threats as assassination, kidnapping, blackmail, embarrassing situations and threats of violence.  

    We know exactly how to provide you.

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