Surveillance Equipments

Are you looking for top quality equipments for your surveillance needs? Look no further. We can supply all types of security and surveillance equipments at very competitive price. Contact us now for a quote.

Please see below our product range.

  • Key Ring Spy CameraThis is the perfect spy camera for holding in your hands with your car keys, with no LED?s or flashing lights and no sounds or giveaways it is nearly impossible to tell with the naked eye that a  video is being recorded. The key ring spy camera has got a built in microphone to allow it to record audio.

    Video resolution: 640×480 pixels, 29 fps; AVI format.

    Camera: 1280×960 pixels.

    Built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium; 280mhA 3.7V.

    Complete with 2 GB micro SD card.

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  • Eye 620 TrackerThe eye620 is without doubt the best tracker we have ever used giving a combination of small size, long battery life and durability .The unit is encased in a small purpose built waterproof, shockproof enclosure that is fitted with a pair of embedded magnets giving an incredible 70 kg of pull holding the tracker firmly in place when deployed under a car or van. With its small size it is extremely difficult to spot even when looking under the vehicle.

    Superb web based tracking console with your own unique user ID.

    From the console you can change the reporting frequency of the tracker from as little as 5 seconds , set a 360 degree virtual perimeter around an area known as a Geo-fence (when your tracker breaks this barrier either entering, exiting or both it will send you an SMS to your mobile phone notifying you) Not only can you view your tracker from our online console, you can also track the device from your mobile phone. Unique reporting feature giving you a detailed activity report of all the vehicles movements, showing times parked, locations and much more, great for giving to a client or using in evidence.

    The eye620 works straight out of the box, switch it on and your up and running. No activation costs, no SIM card credit, no monthly subscriptions. You have the freedom to pay as you track. This is done by pre purchasing position credits so you really do pay as you track for further details click on this link Tracker position credits Approximately 6 weeks battery life dependent on usage and settings.

    AGPS (assisted GPS) this allows the unit to obtain a GPS fix much quicker especially when switching on (cold start) even under the most adverse conditions

    Works in most countries with no extra charges.

    Battery life is given under optimum conditions and is based on 2hrs driving per day this may be reduced by many factors.

    Battery Save

    The battery save feature gives an extended battery life by switching the tracker off for predefined periods. This mode also evades electronic detection as the tracker is effectively switched off.

    Battery save mode 1 position per day up to 18 months

    Normal Live tracking mode 4 – 6 weeks  based on 2hrs driving per day
    Battery life is given under optimum conditions this may be reduced by many factors.

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  • GSM Bug Motion ActivatedThis Motion Activated GSM Bug is the first ever GSM Bug we have sold that is triggered by motion as oppose to sound activation, making this device more reliable and less chance of false triggers, it is a high quality and easy to use GSM bug that has motion activated call back.

    The voice is crisp and clear and you can dial into the sim card inside to listen anytime up to 15 metres.

    The motion activated calling is ideal as it can be used in noisy enviroment but where there is restriction where nobody should enter a certain area or a room. It can also be used in a car so when someone enters a car it will call you.

    The setting of motion activation on or off is controlled by simple SMS. The small motion sensor at the front can detect body heat or anyone moving around up to about 5 metres and about 120 degrees left and right.


    • Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900
    • Power consumption: The Li-battery in standby mode (not listening) 4 days and about 3 hours listening time or from mains charger for long term.
    • Battery: Built in 3.7Vdc
    • Size: Aprrox 45x30x18mm

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  • GSM Infinity Mains AdapterThe GSM Infinity 2-way adapter is a very cleverly disguised listening device that can be plugged into any standard socket and then allows room conversations and surrounding sounds to be heard with exceptional quality when you dial the SIM card inside. Note this is a fully functional adapter and unlike inferior models can be used as normal.

    Simply dial the SIM card number inside the GSM Infinity Adapter (included) and at any time, wherever you are in the world it will automatically and silently connect transmitting any conversations and sounds over the GSM network from up to 30 feet away from the adapter. Sound is filtered for perfect audio clarity. To the naked eye this looks nothing more than a casual 2 way adapter but it secretly allows you to monitor everything in that room without sound distortion.

    The GSM Infinity Adapter is a super high quality surveillance product that offers long term audio monitoring in an area of concern without arousing suspicion.

    The Infinity Adapter is quad band and operates world wide .
    Simply dial the provided SIM card and listen to conversations and surrounding sounds with exceptional quality.

    Unlimited listening distance – call from anywhere in the world
    When used with a free minutes package (these can also be on PAYG)  this can be a cost effective way for long term monitoring.

    To listen to a live demo of  this device please call us on 01332 280887 and we will set one up for you.

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  • Phone Data Recovery StickWith this cutting edge technology and a easy-to-use functions, the iPhone Data Recovery device is ideal for private investigators, suspicious partners, and anyone who wishes to retrieve a hidden or deleted item(s) from an iPhone® for whatever reason.  Please Note, if the device you wish to retrieve the data from has a PIN lock, you will require the PIN in order to perform the recovery.

    The SmartPhone Data Recovery is a new product designed to recover deleted items from an Apple iPhone this is a software based solution which runs directly from a USB flash drive, which will help you recover deleted data as well as other data from your Apple iPhone.

    Simply connect the iPhone® to a Windows based PC with the cable included in the DVD case and then connect the SmartPhone Data Recovery device to the same PC through a USB port.
    The data can be recovered from the iPhone directly or from a backup file using iTunes®.

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  • IPhone - Ipad Data Recovery SoftwareThe software’s main features include:

    Recover deleted SMS Text Messages, Contacts, Call History, Notes and Calendar Entries

    Retrieve existing Contacts, SMS, Call History, Calendar Entries, Notes, User Dictionary, Photos and more

    Recover directly from your device or from an iTunes backup file
    The software will read your device or backup file and display the total number of data entries that can be retrieved and recovered

    All data is displayed in an easy to manage interface on your PC
    Export data to a location of your choice on your PC as a backup for future use and safekeeping.

    This software is downloadable and can either be run on your windows PC or a Mac please select  your operating system from the drop down menu. If you do not want to  leave any trace on your PC it can be run directly from a USB flash drive. You can still use the download version then transfer it to your own USB flashdrive.

    iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4S & 5

    All versions of iPhone® OS will be Supported up to and including ios 7.03 The os supported is updated regularly and free updates are available online.

    Supports Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista and Mac

    Compatible up to and including iPhone 5

    Supports iPad 1,2 and 3

    The latest version of iTunes, Quicktime and Dot Net 3.5 or later need to be installed on your PC Links will be provided in the instructions to install these if they are not already on your PC. The software will be sent to you via e mail containing a  zip file and full instructions. The e mail will be only sent during business hours as it is not automatic.

    UK local rate telephone technical support line for this product

    *Please note recovery from iPads may vary as it is limited only to the features which are available on the iPad. If the iphone or ipad you wish to retrieve the data from has a PIN lock, you will require the PIN in order to perform the recovery.

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  • Covert Air Freshener Camera 3gA covert 3G camera unit is installed precisely inside this air freshener that allows to transmit a clear video footage to any 3G video mobile phone. This unit can be moved around from place to place and left in any location around the home or office or even in a car then make a video call to it from any other 3G phone to view the live video footage and audio from around the camera unit.


    • House/Office/shop monitoring
    • Vehicle security
    • Holidays homes/Empty buildings


    This is a totally portable 3G camera and will allow you to watch and listen from your mobile phone anytime anywhere. All you do is make a video call to the number of the sim inside the camera and your connected and you will be able to see and hear everything in real time. You can also remotely zoom in/out and adjust the volume. This camera also has a slot for a micro SDcard

    You can send a SMS  to the unit and it will record video for 1 minute onto the sd card

    To operate this camera you will need a mobile phone with video calling capability

    and a 3G enabled sim for the camera and you will need to be in 3G area coverage.

    Integrated microphone volume adjustable by cell phone control

    Camera zoom in and out by mobile phone control

    Camera: 0.3 mega-pixel

    Battery standby time: approx 40 hours

    Battery run time during video call: 5 hours if signal is good or about 2 hours if poor signal

    Battery charge time: 4 hours

    Power supply 240v with integrated Li-on rechargeable battery

    * Under optimum conditions

    A phone with 3g Video calling capabilities will be required.

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  • WiFiNetworking Camera In Smoke AlarmThis innocent looking Smoke Alarm contains a hidden high resolution  WIFI camera that Transmits video  directly over your WIFI network so it can be viewed from anywhere in the world via the internet. view live video on any computer or smart phone or tablet anywhere anytime. Compared to many other IP cameras on the market this camera is extremely simple to setup and operate.

    The smoke alarm also has infra red led’s covertly fitted inside that help in very low light these are switchable so you have the option of turning on or off. This system is designed to operate long term from the mains power supply but we can also supply a battery holder for rechargeable batteries that fits inside the smoke alarm for situations where you may not be able to gain to a power source. In addition if you have a false ceiling and have no access to mains power source we can also supply a larger battery holder.


    • Monitoring by cell phone, computer or tablet anytime anywhere
    • Remote surveillance by WIFI or 3G
    • Point to point surveillance without WIFI
    • Record video in SD memory (Max. 32GB)
    • Download software at Iphone APP Store
    • Watch up to 4 cameras with PC software
    • Video format: AVI
    • Video resolution: QVGA (352×288)
    • Simple to set up and use
    • Pinhole lens to ensure total covert operation
    • Covert infra red leds’s switchable on or off
    • Optional battery holder that fits inside the smoke alarm or larger battery holder for above ceiling
    • Download surveillance software on Iphone App Store for free, for watching live video on phone!


    4 X AA BATTERY HOLDER (WILL FIT INSIDE SMOKE ALARM)  using 2300ma NiMh batteries around 9 hrs with IR off and 8 hrs with IR on.

    4 X C  BATTERY HOLDER using 4500ma NiMh batteries around 18 hrs with IR off and 16 hrs with IR on.

    Batteries not included

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